What is a Baptist Church?

You may ask…what is a Baptist church? There are seven distinctives that would help define what a Baptist church is and its basic belief. While not all Baptist churches would identify with these distinctives they help identify our church.

Using the word BAPTIST as an acrostic helps identify these distinctives:

B – Biblical Authority: the Bible is our sole authority for all matters of faith and practice.

A – Autonomy of the Local Church: the local church is an independent body
accountable only to the Lord Jesus Christ.

P – Priesthood of the Believer: every believer has the right to pray directly to
the Lord Jesus Christ therefore the believer does not need an earthly priest.

T – Two Ordinances: As a Baptist church we practice baptism by immersion
and the Lord’s Supper. We believe the Lord’s Supper is a symbolic
representation of Christ’s crucified body and shed blood. This ordinance is to
be observed until Christ’s return.

I – Individual Soul Liberty: each person is individually responsible for his or
her decision to accept Christ as their own personal Savior.

S – Saved and Baptized Church Membership: for a person to be accepted
into church membership they must first make a profession of faith in Christ
and follow with obedience in baptism.

T – Two Offices in the Church: there are two offices in the church: pastor and deacons.

What does it mean to be an Independent Church?

As an independent Baptist church, we are not affiliated with any particular Baptist denomination or ruling body. The church membership selects its pastor and deacons.

What are our Services like?

Our services are traditional in worship. We strive to sing hymns and choruses that are uplifting and that honor the Lord.  Preaching the Word is central to our worship. You will find our preaching to be expository or book by book studies. We also have practical series to help the believer in his or her walk with Christ.

How can I be Involved in the Church?

We delight in seeing people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, follow in believer’s baptism, and become a member of our church. Our desire is to see people continue serving by becoming involved in the ministries of our church. There are many ministry opportunities for one seeking to be involved at Faith Community Baptist Church.

What is Required for Membership?

To become a member of Faith Baptist you must first be saved. After salvation the Bible teaches that baptism is an important first step. If you have been saved and baptized either at Faith or a church of like-faith you may be a candidate for church membership. During any service at Faith, when our Pastor gives the invitation at the end of the service, you may come forward and express your desire to become a member. A new members class will be scheduled to walk you through the first steps to church membership.

What is the Philosophy of Financial Giving?

We do not practice pressure techniques or fundraising schemes. Rather, we choose to occasionally preach and teach what God’s Word says about Christian stewardship and giving. How you respond to that teaching is a heart issue between you and the Lord.

How is the Leadership of the Church Structured?

Ultimately, Christ is the head of this church. On a daily basis, the church is primarily led by the pastor and the pastoral staff. The pastor, along with our deacons, serves as a church-elected group that meets monthly to review and discuss matters important to the church. The meetings provide a high level of accountability, as well as a great spirit of team cooperation as we follow God’s leading for this church. In addition, quarterly church business meetings are held to inform church members of the church’s financial status, and so that church members may vote on issues of importance.